Meaning of “Dana” and Logo

a lotus blossom and leaves with "Project Dana"

The Meaning of Dana

Dāna is a Sanskrit and Pali term meaning “generosity” or “giving”. In Buddhism, it also refers to the practice of cultivating generosity. Ultimately, the practice culminates in one of the Perfections: the Perfection of Giving. This can be characterized by unattached and unconditional generosity, giving and letting go.

Why the Lotus Logo?

Project Dana logo (lotus blossom)Project Dana’s choice of the lotus as its logo arises from the beautiful universal symbolism of the lotus itself. In ancient Egypt, among the Phoenicians and the early Persian dynasties, throughout Asia and India the lotus has for millennia been revered as the source of energy and the warmth that is compassion.

In the Buddhist tradition in particular, the lotus growing out of the mud to rise to the pure beauty of its flowering, symbolizes the spiritual journey of each of us. Like the lotus we, too, rise from the darkness of ignorance and self centeredness to the pure beauty, light and warmth of compassion selflessly extended to others.

(Explanation of logo by Ruth Tabrah)

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